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Wednesday 21 september 2016

Wednesday 21 september 2016

Post-graduate course Willem Burger Hall

09.00–10.00    Diagnosis of male infertility PG1
Willem Burger Hall

Chairs: M. Dinkelman-Smit (NL), A. Mahmoud (BE)

  • F. Tüttelmann (DE): Genetic diagnostics of male infertility
  • J. Ramalho-Santos (PT): Probes to monitor sperm function
  • F. Chalmel (FR): Reproductive genomics and proteomics

10.00–11.00    Special problems in male infertility PG2
Willem Burger Hall

Chairs: W. Boellaard (NL), T. Diemer (DE)

  • A. Pilatz (DE): Urogenital infection and semen quality
  • Z. Kopa (HU): Management of lesions of the testis
  • H. Tournaye (BE): Klinefelter syndrome and fertility

11.30–13.00    Hypogonadism and male sexual dysfunction PG3
Willem Burger Hall

Chairs: O. Apolikhin (RU), G. T‘Sjoen (BE)

  • J. Slowikowska-Hilczer (POL): Delayed puberty in boys
  • S. Kliesch (DE): Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in male infertility
  • L. Vignozzi (IT): Metabolic syndrome, systemic inflammation and erectile dysfunction

13.15–14.45    Editorial board meeting of “Andrology”
Willem Burger Hall

15.00–15.30    Opening Ceremony Willem Burger Hall
Willem Burger Hall

Chairs: G. Dohle (NL), C. Krausz (IT)

15.30–16.30    Golden communications Willem Burger Hall
Willem Burger Hall

Chairs: H.M. Behre (DE), G.Dohle (NL)

  • LP Priskorn (DK): Is sedentary lifestyle associated with testicular function? A cross-sectional study of 1,210 men OR01
  • H.G.K.A. Angerer (DE): The German Male Sex-Study (GMS-Study): Differences in Sexual Behaviour and Number of lifetime Sexual Partners depending on Sexual Orientation Identity OR02
  • I. Tröndle (DE): Irradiation of juvenile primate testicular xenografts affects the somatic environment OR03
  • E. Lecluze (FR): Dynamics of the transcriptional landscape during human fetal gonad development OR04

16.30–18.00    State of the art lectures: (SA1)
Willem Burger Hall

Chairs: E. Rajpert-De Meyts (DK), N.E. Skakkebaek (DK)

  • C. Krausz (IT): Novel Horizons in Andrology: a genetic perspective
  • G. Buck Lewis (USA): Environmental Exposures and Male Fecundity and Related Impairments

18.00–19.30    Poster sessions

Poster session 1a: Male infertility diagnosis MID 01- 28
Schadee Room
Chairs: R. Mieusset (FR), M.Dinkelman-Smit (NL)

Poster session 1b: Genetics, environment and spermatogenesis MIG 01-10, MIE 01-04, SP 01-08
Van Beuningen Room
Chairs: W. Baarends (NL), R. Oliva (ES)